CFD-DEM online Course with LIGGGHTS 3.8.0 and openFoam 5.x

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This online course for CFD, DEM and coupled CFD-DEM simulations with LIGGGHTS and openFoam provides a comprehensive training to the principles and techniques of DEM and CFD simulations. It covers the fundamentals of DEM theory, including the underlying mathematics, equations, and algorithms. It also covers the software tools used to create and run DEM simulations, as well as the visualization and postprocessing of the results. After taking this course, students will be familiar with the fundamentals of DEM simulation and be able to create, run, and interpret the results of DEM simulations.

DEM (Discrete Element Method) Simulation is a numerical technique used to model the behavior of a granular material, such as sand, gravel, or soil. It is a computerbased technique that uses a large number of small particles to simulate the behavior of the material and predict its response to various external stimuli, such as impacts, vibrations, and loading. DEM simulations are used to analyze the behavior of materials in a wide variety of engineering applications, such as mining, civil engineering, and manufacturing.

The coupling works with openFoam and Liggghts. Both programms are openSource.

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CFD-DEM Online Course


1 review for CFD-DEM online Course with LIGGGHTS 3.8.0 and openFoam 5.x

  1. Jude Okonkwo

    I have actually participated in this training and it has really helped me to understand the fundamentals of CFD-DEM coupling. The Tutor is very patient enough to explain in details and also very open to listen to your questions. Be very free to ask questions, He will guide you through.

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